12 March 2009


When it rains it pours.

Literally and figuratively.

Not only is Michigan being drowned at the moment (the rivers I drive by on my way to work are dangerously close to being level with the road. This makes me nervous in an entirely irrational way. I blame every single Japanese horror movie that was ever made that involved water and ghosts coming back for revenge for this.) but everything else in my life seems to be crashing together all at the same time.

Allow me to report on all the things that are making me twitch:

Work is insanely busy. My laptop from work won’t cooperate. It hates me. It wants to make my life difficult and its working.

My studio looks like fabric, paint and thread fairies had a puking festival in there. I wish they would clean up after themselves.

There have been coyote sightings in our neighborhood. Which makes me nervous for little man. I call him little man because he is…well… little. Which would be appealing, I imagine, to a coyote. The neighbor across the street had a stand off with said beastie in an effort to protect his kitty from a dreadful fate. I’m considering taking a baseball bat with me when I walk Dooley love in the evenings.

My new car is still in the repair shop from the unfortunate accident a few weeks ago (in which a jerkwad ran a red light and smashed in the rear axle). I chose not to talk about it because it annoyed me in a hugely pissy way and this is a PG-rated blog. There wasn’t much that I could say about it at the time it happened that didn’t involve foul cuss words. But now I’m getting annoyed by the fact that its been in the shop longer then I had it to drive. Bah.

Daylight Savings Time is the spawn of the devil. I don’t care how many reasons you throw at me for why it’s a good idea and blah blah blah blah blah…I want my hour of sleep back. {insert tantrum foot stomping here}

It seems everyone has their little habits that help them decompress in the evenings. In fact, they were talking about this on some news program the other day. Some people meditate, others go jogging, some journal.

What do I do?

I surf etsy.

There is such a wild variety of things on there its unbelievable. I pick through things and some make me giggle, some make me flinch and some really impress. The ones that make me smile get plunked in my Favorite Items category so I can admire them at will. (Yes, I am this easy to amuse. Don’t tell me how pathetic I am, it will ruin my fun.) So I decided I would share some of the things that I find amusing with you:

a handsome fellow

a very happy fellow

more people should do this

ever said you could use an extra hand?

a very pretty thing that I find intensely attractive

I hope to be this good one day

incredibly inventive

one of my favorite enablers

the most expressive declaration of bacon love I’ve ever seen

twisted but hilarious


I was also surprised to find that there is also a large amount of adult content on there. (And no, I did not intentionally search for such things, they just came up in perfectly innocent searches thank you very much.) But like I said, this is a PG-rated blog. You can do your smut searches on your own.

It’s a lovely mindless activity, etsy surfing is. Which is good because by the end of the day the thinking part of me is all thought out.

Here’s hoping I get to use my brain soon for more fun activities like art and writing. Good thing those are patient about waiting for me to return to them.


kathy n said...

your brain. my brain. all our brains on vacation.

I want the soap hands...

Yarnhog said...

I loathe daylight savings time. I want to know who benefits. Obviously somebody powerful does. I just can't figure out how. We need a conspiracy theory for this.

I'm also hugely sympathetic about the car. The only new car I ever had got smashed in the only accident I ever had when some idiot made an illegal turn in front of me.

As for the coyotes, I live on the edge of a nature preserve. One day at the local dog park, a woman showed up with only the larger of her two dogs. When asked where the little one was, she explained that she had been walking the two dogs, on leashes, in daylight, and a coyote ran up and grabbed the little one! He ran off with it, and it was never seen again. Horrors!

wlstarn said...

You CAN have that hour of sleep back...but you'll have to wait six months for it.