02 February 2009

monday brain

It is Monday and I am entirely unable to assemble consistent thoughts so you get randomness. Here goes:

1. I took a spinning class yesterday at the prettiest yarn store in the world. I took my camera, I thought about using it, but I did not. I suck. But here is a picture of the yarn I made during the course of the lesson:

It is my best effort so far, I’m feeling very encouraged. I have decided to put myself on a practice schedule. Nothing rigid but I'm aiming for at least twice a week. I know what needs work and knowing what things to target is going to help a lot.

2. The groundhog saw his shadow today. I say we kill the bastard and eat him. Anyone have any good stew recipes? (I know that the calendar says six more weeks, I know its just a superstition but I have to blame someone for this wretched winter.)

3. I don’t care who won the Superbowl. I don’t even know who played. I think the game is silly. Grown men wearing tight spandex clothing hitting each other on the bum while chasing a ball covered in dead skin down a long field. I don’t get it. Move on.

4. I went to the Apple store on Saturday to get a new battery for my laptop (which we are extremely pleased that the ancient battery was the only issue, there would have been severe weeping if it was something more) and ended up walking out with one of these:

Its an Ipod Touch and I know its wrong to covet material items but I plan to marry this thing. I had not paid much attention to it since it came out because I already have an ipod and couldn’t justify getting a new one just because its pretty. But a guy at work showed me just how grossly wrong I am – I can use it as a planner too and an art portfolio and pretty much everything in between. Oh baby – we likes it. (I expect the next generation will cook, clean and go to work for me since that's the only thing that seems to be missing from this one.)

5. While at the mall, mom and I stopped in the pet store. There was a westie puppy. She was only three and a half months old and was the sweetest thing we’ve ever met. Mom fell in love with her (and named her Lucy). I spent half an hour explaining to mom all the reasons we shouldn’t get a puppy (even though I secretly wanted her too). (I’m convinced that while Lucy was extremely docile and soliciting only cuddles and hugs, she would have turned into a psychotic bundle of puppy the instant we brought her home and would have proceeded to kick the crap out of my Dooley love without a second thought. It was a ploy, I’m telling you, nothing but a scheming act. Besides, I could not bear to break Dooley dog's heart like that, Lucy is sure to find a nice home elsewhere.)

6. I hate snow. It is the devil. I think nothing but mean evil dirty thoughts about it (and I don’t feel the least bit bad about it either). Bugger off snow.

7. Dooley just ate a ladybug that was crawling across the carpet…do you suppose that means he is a good luck charm now? Maybe I should rub his belly and go buy a lotto ticket.

8. I’ve abandoned the idea of examining my art issues in public with a series of essays. Mostly because no matter how I wrote it it just sounded…dorky. Know that I continue to angst and torture myself fully. I still have no answers, the whole thing is a mystery, everything is humming along steadily.

9. Coraline comes out this weekend in theaters. Its from Henry Selik the director as Nightmare Before Christmas (one of my all time favorite movies) and its based on a book by Neil Gaiman (one of my all time favorite authors). I am wearing out the website by watching the trailer and listening to the music, I plan to go see it.

10. There is an odd magic to beginning a new year. No deadline seems too daunting, no exhibit seems out of reach. I have the uncontrollable urge to become a show whore again and submit to everything under the sun. Someone slap me please.

I've decided that I need to win the lottery. And when I do I'm going to build a fiber arts compound and we will all sit around all day making art and dyeing fabric and stitching things and knitting and spinning and we will have hot gourmet cooks to make meals for us and cater to our every whim. *sigh* Guess I should go buy a ticket...


Kat Campau said...

My daughter brought her Ipod Touch to visit us at Christmas. I also have coveted one, since I met hers. I have no use for a regular Ipod, since I don't like headphones. But I want this, it does so much. She surfed while watching TV, with it. I could go to IMDB, without having to move my knitting. I want to scroll with my fingertips, just for fun. I want to shake it to roll dice. She let the 2 grandsons, 8+10 yrs. old, play with it all day, and it was just fine. It's hard to say no to something that gives so much pleasure and power, for so little. Maybe I'll get one too.

SplendiferousFiber said...

Groundhog day: Today's strip of daily comic "Non Sequitur" says it all!


And you're right about the Stupor Bowl.

Can I come live in your Art Compound when you win the lottery? I'll bring my stash, all 100 boxes or so of fabric, etc. Although I am using some of it up these days, due to the fact that I can't spend money on quilt or craft stuff at the moment.

sion said...

hey, that's my lotto dream!

Leann said...

Although Mark and I are no fans of the superbowl, we did thoroughly enjoy animal planet's the puppy bowl, especially the kitty halftime show.
Yes, please, win the lottery. Remember we are all your good friends.

Gisela Towner said...

The yarn is very pretty -- would make a nice gnome hat. ;)

I'm with you on that blasted rodent. A squirrel couple have invaded my enclosed back porch (feasting on a 5 gallon bucket of birdseed) and I think they're too fat to get back out now. Let's throw them in the stew pot too. This is my own fault, I guess, for feeding them outside, whenever we cooked out last summer. In case you've ever wondered, squirrels love bruschetta...

Your Ipod Touch sounds wonderful!

I'm feeling the same way about the snow. I walked my part-time dog at the beach yeaterday and several times we wound up in butt-deep white evilness. Eck.