09 February 2009

a little weirded out

I’ve always known that no matter how much planning you do in life, you just never know what will happen every time you open your eyes in the morning and start a new day. (That’s not to say I don’t try to bend the world to my will and keep things on schedule but I’ve been smacked down enough times to realize sometimes you just gotta scream uncle and let things go their own way.)

Such was today.

My car has a long history of torturing me in the I’m-going-to-relentlessly-break-in-ways-that-can’t-be-ignored-so-you-have-to-fork-over-lots-of-money-NOW kind of way. So it was really no shock that as soon as I had finished paying off one repair bill, it decided to have some fun with me and kill its battery. (It’s a plot to drive me mad, I can’t be convinced otherwise, don’t try.)

Now a new battery doesn’t sound like all that big of a deal but this comes quick on the heels of a replaced fuel pump and a whole bundle of suspicion that the battery issue is a precursor for something that has far too many numbers in it to fix.

Add to it the fact that mom is about to turn in her car tomorrow (it’s a lease) and the whole complicated game of “I can drop my car off at the mechanic and drive your car to work and then I’ll pick you up and we can go take care of that thing we need to do and go get my car and then go back to the house and then leave again to do that other thing” just isn’t going to pan out this time.

So I had to waste a vacation day in order to take the stupid heap of metal in to get fixed. (It turns out that if you swear profusely at a car that with a stuttering battery, you may be able to scare it into starting. Worked just fine for me.)

I was feeling rather bitter about it all day and kept stewing about it. Then I saw a commercial on TV about leasing vehicles.


My issue with getting a new car (which in all honesty would have happened the last time I was facing a four digit repair bill with my current car) is my back. The seats and the ride have to be comfortable or I will turn myself into a hunched over bundle of pathetic. My mom drives a Chevy HHR and I’ve driven it around many a time with comfortable results so it seems like a rationale line of thought to follow.

So I ended up getting this today:

I’ve actually researched this before so I was sure what I wanted. I always said that if I got one of these babies, I wanted a black one because it looks like something that belongs in the Godfather movies (which I think are the best movies of all time and really, the film industry could have just retired after making those because everything else pales in comparison.)

My brother said it is a Darth Vader helmet.

I’m still kind of in shock that I ended up with a new car today. It just sort of happened…but as Mary so aptly pointed out, they made me an offer I couldn’t refuse.

I plan to play the Godfather theme while driving to work tomorrow morning. I think it will like it.


mary said...

welcome to vito....may all our travels with him be an adventure in fun....leave the gun take the cannoli

Leann said...

I gotta go with your brother on this one, you are definitely driving around in Darth Vader's helmet.

Pattie Wall said...

Good for you - I came this close to getting one of those, this past (let's look for a replacement auto for me) but settled on a Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited 2 days ago instead...I am so used to having my 4WD when I need it...therefore...but the car you got is sooo cool...and perfect for an artiste! The colors they come in?? You are good to go with black!