30 June 2007

you just never know

There is a group of us called The Escape Artists that get together for weekend art retreats. We basically just lock ourselves up for the weekend and make stuff. One of the retreats was spent making altered books. I decided to make one that could be used as a journal. It was fun, not something I usually do.

Then I saw a call for entry for a book called 1,000 Artist Journal Pages from the same people that published 1,000 Artist Trading Cards. I figured, why not? I sent a few pictures in.

I got word the other day that three of the pages were accepted. :) The pictures in this post are some details of the pages, one from each page. I'm pretty happy about it, was a fun thing to do and now its being published! Just goes to show you that you never know what your projects will grow up to be.

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Cara said...

congrats! what fun!

happy happy joy joy