25 November 2012

please allow me to introduce you to...

I'm still catching up on introducing you to the groups I write about for my Quilting Arts column but I want to make sure I cover them all. The newest issue of QA is about to hit the stands but these groups are from the October/November issue and they are pretty nifty.

And really, the nicest things about magazines is that they never expire, its indefinite inspiration. :)

The October/November issue covered several different groups and each one helps you learn how to start your own group. If its something you've been thinking about but weren't quite sure how to go about it, two groups have plenty of advice to get you on your way. The other two groups in the article offer insight as to how they've managed to keep the members showing up and connected.

Sisters in Cloth from Connecticut was formed when Diane Wright was a newbie in town and wanted to connect with like minded artists.

The Creative Crones of studioQ in Texas came together when they broke away from a larger guild. They talk about creating a specific topic group, something more focused.

The Batty Binders in Ohio have been meeting for 17 years and they site one big reason: unconditional support. Learn about their "batt signal" and how they came together to help a member in need.

And lastly, but most definitely not least, the group Five in Maine uses the internet to keep their group going strong. They've created a unique blog called And Then We Set it On Fire (don't you just love that name??)  to document their surface design adventures.

As always, its always a pleasure to get to know these artists. Each group seems like a lot of fun (if I could spend my whole life touring the country interviewing artists I would be in heaven) and I think you will love them to! :)

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Jay said...

Thanks for the great article and for mentioning the Creative Crones on your blog, Lynn....love your FB entries...make me laugh!!