25 August 2012

studio snippet and ponderings

I feel I've been neglecting the blog lately. Truth is, this year brings a kind of quietness to me that I've never been able to explain. I slow down, find myself looking closer at everything around me.

Autumn and winter are by far my favorite seasons. I love the way they wrap themselves around everything, the way they force me inside my studio to work. Maybe my recent pausing is in preparation of my most productive times of the year. Hard to say.

But I love this brief stutter of a slower pace. I see the things that define my life more clearly and love them even more.  I feel more sure then ever that Artist is my calling.

What about you? Do you find certain times of year see you in your studio more?


Judi Hurwitt (Approachable Art) said...

I'm all about spring/summer/fall... winter is the few months when I pull the shades and hibernate but by March, I'm antsy for the sun again. Fall and Spring renew me though, because it's cool, dry and sunny, and the house can be thrown wide open for days at a time!

Jeannie said...

I am with Judi. I love fall and spring. Winter I tolerate because I can bundle up and stay busy creating. Summer, just do not like the heat. Even with air conditioning, who wants to move or sit with cloth on their sticky thighs? Hope your weekend is a good one!

Linda Dunn said...

Love the piece. Summer is a very slow time for me - I'm a shade plant and perk up when the cool weather returns. But the enforced slowdown often brings unexpected insights, and chances to work differently, since the studio is way to hot to work in.

Vivian Helena said...

I would love to slow down for Sept. & Oct. leaves are changing and trimming in the field etc. should begin. Sierra Art Trails is the beginning of Oct. so my focus is on getting items ready, as it is the big gathering of the year. I relax and do house work that has been left go all summer due to watering. But I do perk up in the winter months in the studio also. It is cozy in there.

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