18 August 2012

RC 17 heading to ArtPrize

I'm pretty proud to be able to post that badge up above. I'll be showing one of my pieces, Remnants Collage 17, in ArtPrize in Grand Rapids this year.

Remnants Collage 17
Lynn Krawczyk

Its always exciting to show work but its especially exciting when its an all media show. My work will be at the B.O.B, you can see the other work exhibiting there as well by going here.

If you're unfamiliar with ArtPrize, here's the deal. The city of Grand Rapids, Michigan turns itself into a giant art walk for about two and a half weeks once a year. This year from September 19 - October 7. They'll be every kind of medium imaginable hanging from nearly every space available. Its truly a sight to behold.

If you're in the area and want to give my collage a wave, it would appreciate the visit! :)


Jay said...

That is so cool and so well deserved!!! Congrats! Wish I were close enough to see the exhibit!!

Gerrie said...

Congratulations! That is fantastic.

Colleen Kole said...

I am getting excited Lynn-it is a really fun event to be a part of and I will definitely peek when I make my rounds those weeks. Will you go?

Gale said...

Congratulations on RC17!

Thanks for the info about your etsy shop. Just the kick I need to actually order! and stop putting it off.

Dodie said...

What a great surprise!! You are in Art Prize!! Especially to be in the BOB!! I will surely check it out! There are so many great venues in this show, but the BOB is a great one!