11 July 2012

collaboration with lisa call

One thing that I've learned is that when artists get together, we thrive. I've got many creative friends nearby but I've discovered that there are more and more ways to connect online. I decided to join one of them - Alyson Stanfield's Artist Conspiracy.

I like the idea of being able to "socialize" with other artists from my computer. Each month Alyson posts a different topic to act on (I like that too, specific goal) and it seemed to be kismet that this month's them is collaboration. It got my wheels spinning because working with other artists is something I adore doing, I kind of pounced on the idea.

After a few emails, I had a collaborator - Lisa Call. I've long admired her work and the discipline that she puts into her art work. I got the idea that I could print some fabric and she could work them into one of her pieces and she agreed.

Today I popped this in the mail to her:

Its three fat quarters of Kaufman Kona solids (love 'em, they are my own personal drug) that I printed using various methods. Here are some clearer views of the patterns:

The fourth piece that I printed had several layers and I ended up putting it toward another project. Lisa's style is very streamlined, I felt I was pushing the limits of that enough with the last piece.

When I print fabric for my own work, I have a very deliberate approach. I never just randomly put down imagery or color, its all with the final product in mind. Its different for me to print pieces for someone else to use but I really like the challenge of it. I spent some time on Lisa's art gallery looking at her color sense and her style. She has an incredible sense of color and a very clean approach to the compositions.

She works mainly in solids so I didn't want to overwhelm her with pieces that screamed chaos. I kept them simpler and in two of the three pieces, more linear to fit in with her trademark style of structures.

So they are whisking their way to her right now. As soon as I folded them up and tucked them into their box, I felt a little thrill. I really enjoy working with other artists and I hope this is the first of many collaborations to come.

How about you? Do you enjoy working on projects with fellow artists?


sherry peterson said...

ohhh, looks like a good time is in your near future. Enjoy the opportunity.

Jeannie said...

How exciting! I think your fabric are versatile and any artist could work with them. Congrats!

upstateLisa said...

love those fabrics. I have done some collaboration as well as challenges. Makes life interesting.

Deb H said...

No collaborations yet, too much of a control freak? I'm working on it.