06 July 2012

blank slate

These are my companions in the studio this week. Some have already been altered, moving beneath my hands and my brushes, taking on new life. 

There is nothing more I love then a blank slate. The entire world rests easily in that clean space.

Edited to add: I've gotten several emails asking if I dyed this fabric. Nope. These are Kaufman Kona solids. They are the only commerical solids I use in my surface design (I use these and hand dyes most of the time), I can abuse the heck out of them and they stand up to everything - including discharge paste and soda ash and other chemicals. I'd marry it if I could. ;-)


Kathy said...

I also love a blank slate, but my blank space is my design wall...I don't alter my fabric as you do with paint and ink. I still love those commercial prints and hand dyes. That blank starting point is soooo exciting!

Linda Dunn said...

Did you dye all these? What fabric(s) are you working with now? I am so trying to figure out what is best, and let the rest go (the hard part, since it all has potential).

Susie said...


Looks like you bought out the store of Kona! Can't wait to see the end result.


Mary said...

OH! those pictures of your fabric are pure eye candy .

Juliette Crane said...

so excited to have come across your lovely work and beautiful blog! thank you for sharing so much inspiration! i'm excited to stop by again :)

best wishes!