02 September 2007

A happy skull junkie

Hello, my name is Lynn and I collect skulls. Its an addiction (one that was in place long before it was fashionable) and, happily, I'm not alone. And to demonstrate this claim, go check out the Skull a Day blog. My personal favorite is #77, the sheet skull.

In an effort to avoid having to do anything of substance today, I went to a bead expo. I was extremely pleased to find these new additions for my skull collection.

I should point out that I only collect pleasant/happy looking skulls. The mean biker skulls with flames shooting out of the eye sockets or snakes oozing out of their mouths aren't really my thing. I think the skull collecting came about as a result of my fascination with the Mexican holiday, Dia de los Muertos. Give this girl a dancing skeleton dressed in bright colors and she is happy as a clam.

I'm especially tickled with the strand of skull beads above. I'm not sure what stone they are made out of but the stripes and shallow carving make them pretty subtle. And I love the fact that I got two sizes on one strand.

So what do I do with these guys? Some of the smaller bead ones have made it into artwork but I find that I really like collecting the big ones. Which would probably rock in some box art but for the moment I just want to admire them. I have a spot in my studio that has turned into a skull shrine. My friend Leann feeds my obsession, since she shares it, and makes me skull books and hand carved skull stamps. In fact, my little obsession has become so well known among my friends that people bring me back little skulls they find on their travels. I'm always on the lookout so if you know where I can find some unsual skulls, let me know! :)

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