24 September 2007

Dooley's happy dance

Ah yes, my westhighland terrier has been neglected in terms of attention as of late. I've been working on several projects and while he is a supportive little friend, he sulks when things are all over his floor and I don't give him proper cuddles.

The good news is that I've finished the last of the projects I need for the American Sewing Expo. I've been working on them for so long that it feels like I'm super productive but the truth is that they are just all coming to a close at the same time.

Forgive the less then perfect photography for this post. I'm tired, the camera is tired (I photographed 47 quilts this past weekend for the online gallery of Breaking Traditions), the dog is tired...everyone is just tired.

Below is a picture of Fragile II, which is the quilt I did for Breaking Traditions. Its the second in a series. Yes, I said "series." I want to do a couple more along this line. I really like using the cheesecloth for different texture. Its a 15 x 15 square.

And here is the doll that I completed for the Looking Glass Dolls exhibit, "Exploring Art Dolls." I enjoy doing assemblage style dolls. I sculpt the faces from paperclay but the rest of it is pure chaos. And I love it. I have quite the collection of odds and ends and my friends add to it. You can see the porcelain hand Leann gave me and the transistor her husband Mark gave me. This doll is called "Inside/Out."

When I showed mom the doll when it was done, she said to me "Is this going in a display with real dolls?" I've gotten her used to a lot of other odd styles, apparently we still have some more work to do in the doll department. :)

All of this, including the Peace jacket from the last post, will be properly photographed once my brain recovers from all the chaos of expo and added to my website.

So I think I will go join Dooley in his happy dance. Or maybe I'll just drag him up on the sofa with me and watch some TV. :)

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