21 July 2007

And now for some artwork...

I had to put on hold working on this quilt for a little bit but got going on it again today. Its for the Michigan Quilt Artist Invitational and the theme this year is The Art of Music. I knew right away that I wanted to do a quilt about Ani Difranco as she is one my favorite musicians. This is a photo of the quilt just with the fusing done. The side pieces of fabric are actually a rich purple color. (I shot this photo on my design wall so there's no proper lighting or anything.)

I had bought all these fabrics when we went to IQF this past april so they've been waiting around just for this occasion. I decided to do some surface design work on it so here is another photo after I got done doodling.

One of the reasons this quilt has been on hold is because my thermofax machine decided to do an impersonation of a paperweight. So its out for repair and all will be well with that but I had really wanted to screen print some text on her face. So I begged a friend to help out and she got a screen to me pronto (thanks!!!) so I got the surface design done today. Here is a closer look at some of what I did.

I still have to quilt it and I want to do a little of beading on it. But I want to let everything set up overnight and then I will iron it to make sure its all permanent. There is paint and ink and shiva paintsticks on there.

I'm really enjoying this a lot. This quilt has actually got my wheels spinning on starting a series of quilts constructed the same way and with text overlays.

I have a couple other quilts with tight deadlines coming up so I think I will do them in a similar way. Its good to be working again! :)


teri springer said...

I thought they were due the 20th?? I had to give up on mine as I knew there was no way I could have it to Mary by then with my move to the summer home in Nova Scotia and trying to furnish this place.....Sigh.

Do like the piece. Can't wait to see it completed.


Fibra Artysta said...

Hi Teri,

I'm skidding in at the very last minute, only a day late. There's always something to get in the way! :)

I'll post pictures of the completed quilt later.



joan potter thomas said...

I really like it Lynn! I can't wait to see it in person.