17 May 2009

random, baby, random

Life is clipping by at a pace that is pretty much flattening me in the process. Its left me a bit weary and more then a little overwhelmed but hey, these things happen and they can't last forever so we are just going to roll with it.

So today I give you random babbling and a few random photos (and a couple that do match the babbling, its obvious to tell which are which) I've taken that have absolutely nothing to do with the babbling is about but just because I think they are pretty and I hate posting without pictures. (Run on sentence, anyone?)

1) My studio is the devil. There is no taming it, I'm beginning to feel like it is room 1408 (except it doesn't have John Cusack talking into a tape recorder and being all hot, which is most definitely a downside.)

2) Dooley is stuck to me like Velcro today. I have been working a lot of overtime, not getting home until 7 or 8 at night and he has taken issue with it. Note the impatient, irritated look:

He is ready to do some ankle biting if it doesn't change. Luckily he can't drive so there is no real threat there.

3) Season two of True Blood starts on June 14. I am a total and complete geek about the whole thing. So much so that I have two skeins of sock yarn that were dyed in colorways inspired by the two main characters, Bill Compton and Sookie Stackhouse. I'm thinking of doing a sock or scarf challenge and casting on during the season premiere and trying to get it done by the end of the season. Yes, you may mock me now.

4) I have a four day weekend coming up. Come to me now, my precious, come to me now.

5) I braved IKEA yesterday. I bought legs for one of my studio tables. How does one have a table with no legs? Don't ask, its a long sorted story that involves a lot of cussing and this is a PG blog.

6) I found the lid to my black gesso that had mysteriously disappeared way back in January. I just thought you might want to know since I whined about it in public.

7) The collage I purchased during Collage Mania came in the mail the other day. Its called "Do You Believe Anything is Possible? and its by Jill Kerttula (who appears to be blogless and websiteless - is that a word?). Here it is:

I loves it totally, its very whimsical and I love that the animal/pumpkin/clock head people really amuse me. I keep trying to think of what they are giving scores for (the deer is cranky, he only gave a 5 out of 10) and so far I've come up with three possibilities: 1) They are rating my stunning skill at wrestling Dooley during his eye medication dosings, 2) They are admiring my fortitude in thinking I can control my studio (in which case the 5 is clearly appropriate) or 3) They simply like those numbers and enjoy randomly flashing them at people.

That's all I've go. I'll leave you with a photo of the pretty tree next to my garage that has been giving me allergy fits. But its nice to look at so I can't give it too many dirty looks.


Kat Campau said...

Thanks for the inspiration. Love the flower with wriggling tendrils.

Kim Hambric said...

Let's see, I'll just choose an item or two to comment on.

I rarely talk TV, but I must say, when you reminded me that True Blood is coming up, it really got my blood circulating. I have watched the first season twice and will watch that last episode again right before the new season. I feel so cheap and exposed now.

I love that collage you bought. Good eye.

Hope Dooley is doing better.

Anonymous said...

Hey Lynn - Glad you are having a good time with the collage! I love the ideas you have about the scorekeeping! Check out my new Etsy site (jill2day.etsy.com) now is garments, but art quilts are coming, and so is a blog! Jill Kerttula