21 February 2007

2007 Invitational Reverse Auction

Well, I was the last one to get my artwork in but I made it. Here she is, "At the Heart of It." Its my donation for the Fiberart for a Cause Invitational Reverse Auction whichi is being held on March 12-16, with a pre-sale on March 9.

I'm really excited that Virginia asked me to take part in the auction this time. I was a little worried that my doll might be too weird but I decided to just go with it. :)

My dolls have really taken on a more assemblage/shrine feeling to them. Its a style I plan to develop more over the course of the next year. I have two other dolls kicking around in my mind that I'm going to start in on and they too will be box dolls. I just feel like you have so much more freedom when you don't have to worry about the arms and legs and making everything look realistic. Just not my style.

At any rate, I hope the doll does well. I hope ALL the pieces do well! Its such an awesome cause and I can't thank Virginia enough for all the hard work she has put into this project! :)

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Julaine Lofquist-Birch said...

Welcome back to the kingdom of blog, Lynn...

Too wierd? - nothing wrong with that! Actually, it's wonderful -