25 August 2013

I've moved - please visit me at Smudged Textiles Studio! :)

Okay, so the new website is finally done and I've started blogging there.

Please visit me at Smudged Textiles Studio! :)

I won't be posting here anymore although the blog will remain up for as long as Blogger let's it be. Unfortunately, if you subscribe, either via email or using the Follower widget, you'll need to do it again on the new site.

When you get to the blog there, you'll see a subscription for email delivery at the very top of the right hand sidebar. Beneath that, you can also use Bloglovin' to follow the new blog. Wordpress does not support the Follower widget that is on this blog, so if you want to subscribe in some way, those are the two options.

I hope you'll follow me there, have a LOT of great stuff in store! :) See you over there!


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Unknown said...

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