10 June 2013

collaboration with Lisa Call

There's only one thing I like more then printing fabric (and you all know how much I love flinging paint) and that's sending it off to other artists for them to use in new ways that I wouldn't ordinarily think of.

Last summer I talked with Lisa Call about doing just that and was thrilled when she agreed to collaborate! Lisa is a master at piecing and machine quilting textile paintings. I have tremendous respect for not only her artwork but also for her dedication to her craft, it shows through in everything she makes.

As is her habit, she took the fabric and worked magic on it. I printed a red piece of fabric with blue Thermofax Screen Printed circles and a purple piece of fabric with some hand drawn paint doodles on it. She incorporated them into her "Portals" series.

I love that she combined them with her own hand printed fabric! Here are a couple that I am just totally in love with:

Portals #35
©2013 Lisa Call
6 x 6″
On stretched canvas


Portals #6
©2012 Lisa Call
12″ x 12″
On stretched canvas


Her meticulous, perfect machine stitching is such an incredible contrast with the patterns already present in the fabric - don't you love the way they play off each other?

Lisa blogged about it here.

There is so much joy in putting fabric out into the world, I feel like I'm getting to be a cheerleader for new artwork. :)


Robbie said...

What a compliment!! Use of your pieces in Lisa'a work is wonderful! Very cool! i've followed her work for quite sometime and nice to see some pattern in her work!

KAM said...

For several years now I have followed Lisa's work, as well as yours. The combination of fabric design, pattern and color with her precise piecing and quilting has resulted in some fantastic and a completely new look to this series. What a wonderful, synchronistic joining of talents.