01 December 2012

i {heart} bad art

I love making mistakes.

No really, I do.

This quote from Albert Einstein puts it into perfect perspective:

I've been experimenting a lot lately. Most of it has not worked out and I'm totally good with that. And yes, that is said minus the eye rolling and heavy sarcasm.

Here's the thing, when I mess things up its because I'm just playing. There's no pressure, I don't care if there is a mistake, I don't care if anyone sees it. Most of the time I'll toss it in a pile to get cut up for a collage and over-printed later on. But some of the stuff I've been making lately have been real dogs and they are now firmly acquainted with the trash can.

I'll never learn anything new or feel excited about my work if I don't goof up and experiment. So that's what I'm doing. Making really really really bad art.

And I love it. :)


Unknown said...

I do, too. I think it's critical to my learning process to make as many ugly mistakes as I can, not that I'm trying to do that. But What I learn from them is absolutely invaluable!

Kathy said...

That's the whole point of trying new things--see if they work or not!!!!

Jean Baardsen said...

Fine, but I'd appreciate a lower percentage of mess-ups!

KAM said...

Being comfortable with those mistakes opens so many doors to new views, new ideas..what a grand place to be with yourself and your art. I am going to make a concerted effort to embrace this concept as I amble along....and do my best not to just stay comfortable.