07 June 2010


Ever notice how printing fabric just never gets old?

And the thing that makes it even more fun is doing it with a group of friends. This weekend I had the pleasure of demoing gelatin plate printing, thermofax screen printing and soy wax batik with some members of Running with Scissors. We had tons of space and totally went to town printing tons of fabric.

Here's a quick look at our weekend:

I hauled half my studio over for the weekend. I love this space because we have boards to hang stuff on so I put up some of the fabric I've made:

I brought my personal stash of screens for everyone to goof with which resulted in the great table of thermofax screen (sort of like the Great Wall of China except way flatter):

Everyone caught on quickly and did a fantastic job!

New members Shar and Brittany did these gelatin plate prints, I love the detail they got using scrapbooking embellishments to make the patterns:

Brittany did several layers of thermofax screen printing in bright colors, I was really impressed with her enthusiasm:

Michelle made a thermofax screen from a sunflower photo she took. She did an amazing job of printing with multiple colors:

Kate had gears on the brain this weekend. She did gelatin plate printing with teeny little gears and then did thermofax screen printing with some gears as well. She's got a really great industrial grunge thing going on:

Debi printed a ton of fabric but this soy wax batik piece really caught my eye, it has a nice retro mod vibe to it:

I decided to torture some of the fabric that got dyed during the dyeapalooza at Cathy's. I did some soy wax batik on it and then white washed it with fabric paint. I haven't ironed the wax out yet but it should be interesting to see how it comes out:

Kathy, Johanna and Linda all also did really interesting things but being totally distracted, I did not get pictures of their fabric. Which really bums me out because it was good stuff.

I had such a good time doing all these demos that now I've got some ideas spinning on developing a one day workshop for printing with the thermofax screens. Lots to do on the list concerning those little screens.

So much to do, so little time! :)


Leann said...

What fun! Wish I'd been there!

Kim Hambric said...

These fabrics are awesome. Glad everything worked out so well.

Unknown said...

OOOHHHH!!!! Aaahhh! Love them! I must try thermofax screen printing.

Yarnhog said...

Oh, man. Now I totally want to try fabric printing. I would love to make some skirts with my own hand-printed fabrics! (I am at heart a practical person, which is why I love making clothes--art with a function!)

Deb H said...

This sounds so great! Maybe I should pop down some month and check you guys out...

Elena said...

Super! I love it! Thanks for your comment on "The ground" on Fiber Arts/Mixed Media.