31 March 2013

filming TV and DVD

I've been sleeping like crazy the past couple of days. Why? Because of this:

photo by Cheryl Sleboda

I headed out to OH for a few days to tape two segments for Quilting Arts TV and a new DVD. That photo up there is the set where all the magic happens.

This is my second time doing both and I LOVE IT. Which if you know me, you know how unexpected that is. The first time I did it, I was incredibly nervous, even made my brother make the trip with me. Before that I was the girl that hid from the camera and refused to be part of any kind of video. So when I signed on to film TV segments and a DVD workshop in 2011, my family and friends thought I was insane.

I came away from it feeling stronger and loving the whole thing, there's something really magical about it. :) So when I got the chance to do it again, I jumped on it. 

I won't lie, it's a lot of work. Both leading up to it and doing the actual taping but the things that are worth doing in life are never a snap. It's something I take on willingly.

Because everything moves so quick once you get there, I didn't get a ton of photos. (An entire day seems to be consumed in a matter of minutes.) But there were other cameras clicking away so I'll be gathering some up over the next week or two to post on the blog and facebook.

I do have a couple to share here, though.

The car was FULL. I labeled every last box within an inch of it's life to make sure I hadn't forgotten something. (It's still in my car, I've not had the fortitude to drag it back out and unpack it. Luckily the weather is warmer and the paint doesn't mind.)

I braved the trip (only a few hour drive for me) on my own with the help of a GPS I have affectionately named Sally.

It's my dirty secret - I was born without a sense of direction. I'm not kidding - couldn't find my way out of a paper box. I borrowed this one from a friend, I'll be getting my own now. It was the best thing in the world, made the trip a snap.

One of my favorite things about taping is getting to see other artists and all the people who work at Quilting Arts. That included Cheryl Sleboda who brought me coffee from Chicago!!

Seriously fun chick and artist - love her! :) I also got to have dinner with her and the night before went out with Judy Coates Perez, Sue Bleiweiss and Linda McLaughlin.

I'm not sure when the new DVD will come out, shouldn't be too long of a wait. I'm hopeful you'll like it as much as I enjoyed putting it together, it's always such a labor of love.

That's two of my secret projects finally out in the open! The studio still has deadlines but they are not as big so I'm looking forward to getting in there and getting back to work - after I clean it up of course. 


Unknown said...

Congrats on the filming! Very exciting!

I don't think I could do it.

Robbie said...

Can't wait to see you on TV! Congrats! You have so much talent to share with others....what a great venue to do this sharing in!

Gerrie said...

My iPhone and iPad serve as my driving assistant. They now have Siri giving me verbal instructions. I would be lost with out one of them! Congrats on the new taping adventure.

Lynda said...

Congrats Lynn! I loved your other dvd so I'm sure I'll love this one. I love watching you grow! You are such an inspiration.

HollyM said...

That is so exciting! Congratulations! I can just imagine the work involved.
I could use a GPS myself as I'm always lost.

Linda M said...

Hi Lynn - that was fun! I forgot to take pictures, so I'm glad Cheryl got one of the set.

Sea Air Arts - Deb H said...

My GPS has earned it keep a million fold (no exaggeration), and I'm pretty good with directions (when you have lived in a different state every year for 20 years you get that way ;-)
I think that the filming experience would be awesome. Alas, no TV so I won't see the TV episodes but I'm really looking forward to your next DVD as I loved the first one!